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Well, those of you that know Loz, the last time you found his lures online you will probably have seen the message:


Sorry Guys but I have now finished lure-making, the last few lures I have are on the lures in stock page. I would like to thank all my customers over the years hopefully see some of you in the future on the water.

It was the end of an era. However I am pleased to announce that production of Loz Harrop Lures will start again in the near future, made by me with Loz as head of quality control.


This site is a copy of the old site with a few modifications here and there and time permitting I hope to enhance it in the future, the online shop will go live once I have sufficient stock. If there are any model/colour patterns you are interested in please email me and I will prioritise those most wanted.


Update 3/12/2017. Production is going well and the first batch should be on sale by mid December.


Carl Harrison