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Welcome to Loz Harrop Lures where you will find some of the best handmake hardwood lures available in the UK. The action of these lures has stood the test of time and the design has not changed for over twenty years and they are still catching pike. Our lures are available in a range of models, sizes and colour patterns either from stock or you can request your own variation of pattern/colour by emailing me.























For those of you wondering how my lures compare to those made by Loz, here is what Tony McTaggart, a long standing customer of Lozs' had to say:


Loz Harrop lures by Carl Harrison....The old and the new.
To say I was sceptical when I first heard this was an understatement, as anyone who has ever used Loz's darters will tell you they are and were a great pike catcher.
Fear not girls and guys these are every bit as good if not better in some aspects. Back with the lollipop shape rather than the teardrop shape which many preferred and a coating that even Loz would be proud of lol (kidding Loz).
Fishing lots of shallow weedy bays in Scotland I was drawn to the thin gliders on offer and opted for the middle darters (A favourite that has caught many 20+ pike for myself and boat partners)
Clipping on the thin middle darter with scepticism and casting into 3ft of water I didn't know what to expect and with your boat partner also looking on with anticipation like a kid with a new toy lol.
Well all I can say is all those fears disappeared and both agreed that they are going too catch so many fish. With the lightest of taps of the rod tip it was dancing all over the place a foot below the surface all the way to the boat without nosing up once which was a big plus for me !
If you haven't yet tried the newer Loz Darters by Carl give them a try at just over £20 they are as sweet as they come.......
Keep up the good work Carl they are definitely a winner.




gallery/26lb titchy darter lee spillard april 2018

A PB of 26lb for Gary Spillard caught on a Titchy Darter.