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All Loz Harrop lures are handmade from African Mahogany. After shaping each lure is individually weighted to achieve the correct balance and/or rise/sink rate. Due to unavoidable variations in the amout of filler, paint and resin used there will however be slight variations in the finished product.


After weighting each lure is sanded and primed, sanded again then painted before being given a double protective coating of XCR Epoxy Coating Resin.


All screw eyes are stainless steel as are the heavy duty split rings. All lures are supplied with Eagle Claw pattern 974 trebles.


I am not knocking those that make moulded plastic lures but IMHO it is stretching it a bit calling them hand made, pour/paint/paint! Sadly wood can't be poured hence my lures really are hand made, with hours of work put into each and every lure. I hope you appreciate the time and effort involved in making the lures and note my prices  are lower than Loz was asking 5 years ago. The main reason I can offer the lures at the prices I do is that where Loz painted most lures to order I paint them in batches which saves a lot of time with not having to clean the airbrushes when changing colours. I will of course still paint to order if you want any pattern/colour combination not listed at no extra cost.