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For those who have not heard of me, my name is Lawrence Harrop. I was born in Southport on the north west coast of England. I have fished since I was a kid both in the sea and in freshwater, water has always fascinated me along with the creatures that live in it.

My working life for the most part has been in the construction and building industry, I have also earned a living from my workshop where I have Carved, sculpted and turned wood into all manner of things from furniture to bizarrely a wooden leg! The creative side and inventor in me was I suppose an ideal to designing Lures. 

My love affair with making lures happened with my return to Pike fishing in the 90s. It seemed foolish to pay good money for things I could make myself, and once I started to play around with Lures I became hooked myself.

Almost all my fishing is done using my lures, therefore they are well tested before they are built for sale to fishermen. 

I have written many articles on Lurebuilding for various publications in the UK, and have a large client base all over Europe. I supply Tackle shops when I have spare capacity, I also have clients in the USA where the lures are used to catch Musky, a relative of the Pike.

You can purchase my products with confidence in the knowledge that each and every lure is individually hand weighted and tuned to the required degree. All lures are made from the finest hardwoods available, this is knot free seasoned and mature. All fittings attached to the lure are Stainless steel the split rings fitted are extra strong. Hooks currently fitted are 2x eagle claw trebles.



Good luck with your lure fishing......Loz.




My name is Carl Harrison, also born in the North West and a keen lure angler (though I have to admit my back won't let me throw lures into the water all day anymore). A while ago, whilst between jobs and in dire need of a few of Lozs' lures I had the idea about making them myself so after speaking with Loz he agreed to let me do so. As of November 2017 I have found a workshop to rent, fitted it out with all the tools and equipment required and am now almost ready to start producing lures. All the lures will be made from the original templates, with the same high quality fittings and to the same exacting standards. Loz will be overseeing quality control and after painting Loz will sign every lure prior to it being given the final coat of epoxy, so if a lure is not signed then it is not a Loz Harrop lure.

If one of our lures fails to work as it was designed or develops an unexpected fault please return the lure to me. You will receive either a full refund or a replacement. Please see my online store for Ts & Cs.

Elswhere on this site Loz mentions a lure he uses that is devoid of paint, I have a small darter that is down to the wood (this was purchased before they were given an epoxy coating) but lack of paint does not prevent it catching pike, and here it is (still with the original hooks!):






Tight lines.




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