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A floating bait profile lure with an erratic unpredictable action. Great for casting and no specific retrieve technique is needed to work it. The bull runs around four foot deep on a fast steady retrieve where it darts and rolls around with ease. A great lure for when the pike are in an aggressive mood and will often ignore or just follow gliders. The pike are forced into making a snap decision by the fast moving rolling bait, and the takes are usually hard. The flash off the silver patterns will be seen from a great distance in clear water, either below or to the sides of the lure . I have done well fishing the Bull in the margins and shallow bays where Pike have shot out from cover and nailed it. Another more sedate method of using the bull is to simply give it a few twitches while it is on the surface making in dive, after it dives it rises and wobbles looking like a fish in distress.


Now available in two sizes.