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Lee Spillard 14th May 2018

Been having great fun using the assortment of lures provided by Carl Harrison , these jerks are hands down the best I've used and I've used a few 😉 carnt wait to test them on the rivers , roll on June the 16th



Steve Keeler 5th May 2018

I finally managed my first pike session in a few months. The nature reserve I chose looked perfect yet still I blanked. On the way home I dropped on to a section of canal for a 15 minute blast with my new Loz Harrop lure. 3rd cast in and and I miss a take. 10 minutes later and a little jack nailed it. After spending most of the day with no sign of any fish this lure really pulled it out the bag for me. Definitely a lure to keep on me at all times. Looks great, great movement in the water and most of all catches. I can’t wait to get a big old girl on this now


Lee Saunders 26th April

the middle darter is far becoming my fav in both standard size and lite version. a couple of recent fish on them the action is great on them not a sharp zig zag like some jerks these are more of a sweeping glide