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At first sight the Hedgehog looks for all the world like a copy of the Zig Zag, which is built in the USA by Pfeeiffer. However the appearance may be the same but the Hedgehog is weighted different to the Zig Zag. The Hedgehog is perfectly balanced and glides off horizontal with only a simple gentle tap of the rod. It followed the Darter but because of its shape it glides longer, and is an excellent hooker.

The Hedgehog is a slow sinking glider, flicks of the rod with the wrist are all it takes to set it off on it's side to side glide. Although the lure sinks, fished fairly fast it rises to the surface and if required can be fished through the top foot of the water. To work the lure deep it must be fished slower or allowed to sink back to the required depth during the retrieve. The retrieve used to fish it is the same as the Darter. Due to it's shape, the Hedgehog is a good hooker and casts the proverbial mile. There will eventually be a smaller size Hedgehog but for now I am only making the 7" version which has the longest glide. If you find the lure is popping out of the water as it is fished you are retrieving it too fast.