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The live bait look alike.


The Jackal is the most time consuming lure I make, but the extra work and cost go towards making one of the most realistic fish imitation lures around. The Jackal has been  perfectly designed and balanced to give the appearance of a swimming fish and this best describes the action of the Jackal. It is not a difficult lure to fish, if you simply crank it back you will see what i mean however the action is enhanced by using the same retrieve as the Darter (see below). Loz was the first to innovate and use the twin hinged joint on a lure and before this jointed lures had only one hinge which caused them to roll and not swim correctly.


The Jackal is a slow sinker so can be fished through all depths. The two larger sizes have virtually the same action, the baby Jackal has to be worked slightly slower and has a tighter action. All the Jackals can be slowly trolled, to get them deeper add some swan shot to the top of your trace.


Only the large Jackal is being produced at the moment




The Darter is a slow sinking twitch bait and this is how it was designed to be retrieved, with twitches or flicks of the wrist. (Basically the Darter is fished with a little slack line using this retrieve method.) Cast the lure, not so far at first so you can see it's action in the water. now let the lure sink a little and then take up the slack. With the rod in the hand simply give it a flick with the wrist, this will cause the darter to turn to one side. You should now take up some of the slack line, but not so much that contact with the lure is made. Wait until the lure stops, and flick the rod again. The Darter will now turn in the opposite direction. Carry on with this method to bring the lure back with a darting side to side swimming action. If you let the lure sink to the depth you want to fish at, approx two seconds per foot. The depth can be maintained by fishing the Darter slow. It will tend to plane up if it is fished faster. Its a good idea to pause the retrieve and let the lure sink for a few seconds mid way through the retrieve, as this can be the trigger that the fish find irresistible. 

The second retrieve I have found to be a killer is to cast the lure, and let it sink to the required depth. Now crank the reel six or seven times and give the rod a jerk, or a flick wait literally a second and crank the reel again. Repeat the retrieve all the way back, you are better to pause two or three times during the retrieve to allow the lure to sink back to fishing depth. Although I have had tremendous sport fishing the lure fast like this on or near the surface. This retrieve really gives the appearance of a fleeing fish, and has made the difference in my catch rate using Darters.