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A magical little lure that takes it's fair share of big Pike. 

When I first designed tiny Jerk baits a few guys told me that there would be no call for them but time has proved them wrong, many manufactures now make smaller lures like the Jim and Darter after their potential was realised.

The Titchy Jim is a slow sinking twitch bait, and because of it's size it can be used on much lighter tackle and good hook ups can be expected. For it's size the T/Jim casts really well and in the water flicks and flashes around with ease. To retrieve let the T/Jim sink to the required depth and with flick's or twitches of the wrist slowly retrieve the lure back. There are many different ways of retrieving the T/Jim so experiment to maximize your catch rate. I could fill the site with pictures of Pike caught on the T/Jim, I have included some of them in the Gallery.

The Big Jim is basically a scaled up version of the T/Jim. Increased size means it casts further and probably a better choice if you use heavy tackle and traces.








Titchy Jim in Silver Perch and Big Jim in Fluo Yellow on Red