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Maintaining your lures.

  You just had your first outing with the shiny new lures, and if you have been skilful or lucky to have managed a few fish on them. Depending on the size and the way the fish were hooked your shiny lure will probably be a little battle worn. Its not the end of the world though our lures are built to stand the onslaught, if the epoxy and paint have been cut down to the timber don’t worry the rest of the finish will stay put. It won’t all fall off the next time you go out but you do need to take a little care of them. Naturally all my Lures are built from wood and eventually the finish will deterorate, it is a sure thing that it will still catch if the fish are taking. So don't get too hung up on lures looking in as new condition. 

After a session in the water the lures need to dry slowly, putting them in or on heat does more harm! This will cause stresses within the timber and shorten the life of the lure. The best thing to do is to hang them to dry in the garage or shed, remove the hook bonnets (if used) as hooks can rust inside. If you want to seal the cuts, holes and scratches wait until the next day when the lures will be dry. You can touch up lures with just about anything, as the existing epoxy will not react. Nail varnish, araldite, and superglue are the commonest things used to repair damage. Periodically check the hook hangers to make sure they have not been unscrewed a little by thrashing pike (see below), or that they have not been damaged by casting into hard structures, or impact with them  Finally sharpen the hooks ready for next time.

Good fishing. Loz


The hook hangers are installed as deep as I can, any deeper and I run the risk of them being covered in epoxy making them very hard for me to clear. Should you wish to try and screw the hook hangers further in (or are thinking of removing them to replace) I reccommend heating the hanger with a lighter for a few aeconds. This will soften the epoxy and could stop it cracking when the hanger is rotated.