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Predator lures 2


  The Agressor. The Agressor (16 cm, 85 gram) is a slim glider, which is made to my own idea. The Agressor has extra lead in the head and sinks therefore with its head down instead of horizontal like the Darter and Hedgehog. Also the Agressor obviously sinks faster. The Idea behind the extra weight in the head is to make it possible to fish the Agressor with short fast twitches whereby the pauses between the twitches can be much shorter






Agressor in Scale and Scar

That fast aggressive way of retrieving of the Agressor gives pike less time to have a good look at the lure and triggers the fish to go into action right away.

The Agressor lends itself especially for the summer and early autumn, when the pike often reacts better to fast lures. There are days when the Agressor out fishes literally every other jerkbait! Making the Agressor costs extra time because for a correct weighting a piece of polystyrene has to be put in the head first to get the lure floating, that has to be removed after finding the correct amount of lead. That is why the Agressor cost just a little more than the Darter.


Bull, The Bull (18 cm, 80 gram) is a flat sided floating jerkbait. This diver has a wild unpredictable action, whereby it spins around its length-axes. You could call it the super-flanker of the Jerkbaits. The Bull can be fished both subtle as with long pulls from the underarm.











Bull in Bream Perch

With that later manner it goes through the water like a wild bull whereby its rolling sides reflects the light from above and sometimes it will even roll belly up. There are of those days that pike neglect a slow moving glider but are provoked by a fast retrieved jerkbait to do an aggressive attack. The takes on the Bull are indeed often very aggressive. De Bull comes best to its right on clear water were the flashing of its sides can be seen from great distances.


The Jackal. The top model! The Jackal is a jointed slow sinking jerkbait with a body shaped like a roach, and fitted with a red tail and a fin on the back of canvas. Sizes: 17 1/2 cm (70 gram) en 19 cm (95 gram). This is a glider that as to fished very slowly with short twitches from the wrist. It is the ultimo imitation of a roach, with a phenomenal action. If you have mastered fishing it you even can let it swims away from you for one twitch! Making the Jackal costs a lot of time because of the shape and not the least by joining the two parts correctly so they move in the right manner. It costs some money, but you get what you pay for! Use the Jackal for pike that have already seen everything.











Jackals in Roach


  Jester. The Jester (16 cm, 65 gram) is a floating jerkbait, which rises slowly after the diving movement. It was one of the first models Loz made, but in England there was no demand, so Loz removed the Jester years ago from his catalogue. My fishing-buddy Jan en I both have a battle-worn Jester – that says it all – and appreciate this diver for fishing over and along weed beds.










           Jesters in Zander en Natural Pike


Because of the slim shape the Jester is an excellent hooker. The Jester is most suited for shallow water, although this diver can be jerked down till over a meter with a few long pulls.

I have sent my original Jester via insured mail (I didn’t want to loose it!) to Loz so he could make him again. Try the Jester over or along your favourite weed beds, or in shallow drains, and then you will learn to appreciate this diver too!


Zander Hog,










Zander Hog in Fluo Orange Yellow Perch


The Zander Hog is an extra weighted Hog (the 17 cm size is 70 gram to normal 60 gram), which is meant to fish deeper water with zander in mind and to serve pike s diving jerkbait in deeper spots. The Zander Hog is made both deep floating (ideal for jerk trolling) as slow sinking (for casting). Cast it goes down till about 4 meter; jerk trolling with 30 meter line out you can jerk them to 5 meter easily. Exactly that more or less hanging just above the bottom during the pauses between the slow pulls will persuade the cautious zander to strike. With the Zander Hog you will experience that after a missed take a Zander will grab the jerkbait in the next attempt. Pike also takes this jerkbait happily, as proved by the picture hereunder, thus the name Zander Hog is in fact misleading.














Meter pike caught during jerk trolling with a Zander Hog in Redhead Perch at a depth of 4 meter




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