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Predator lures 3


Baby Hog.






            Baby Hog, hot orange perch

  The Baby Hog is, as the name suggests, a small sized Hog. I request Loz to weigh the Baby Hog in such a way that they float deep/ just sink. It is in fact the same weighting as a Zander Hog.


Weighted that way the Baby Hog can be twitched through nice slow through the water, whereby the jerkbait “hangs” perfectly on the same spot during the pauses. The wobbling dive forwards and then hanging dead still really is an action pike hardly can resist. Exactly through that hanging the de Baby Hog is easy to grab, and therefore good to use in the cold part of the season for pike. On bigger waters I have had quite some good results with Zander Hogs with both pike and (big) zander. This small version of a weighted Hog appeared in October 2001, but I already have some good experiences fishing it. That I am not the only one with good experiences is shown by the fact that anglers, after purchasing a Baby Hog, often short after that order some more in different colours


The Baby Hog is perfect for searching very slowly winter hotspots in polders and ponds like the vicinity of bridges, joints of other canals, patches of weed reaching farther out in the water and such, to lure a pike into an attack. But the shoreline of canals can be fished perfectly in search of pike after a relative dry period when the water is fairly clear.






       Baby Hog, Baltic blue perch


Baby Jackal.






            Baby Jackal, rudd

The Baby jackal (12 cm, 35 gram) is a small jointed jerkbaitje, which is a spring-off from the bigger Jackals. It is a small jerkbait that leant itself to fish very shallow water – think about those nice clear drains with rudd – for pike.

The Baby Jackal has to be fished with small fast twitches, whereby attention should be paid that after every twitch the jerkbait gets some rest. Fished that way the Jackal will, while left-right “wandering” through the water, form an easy meal for pike. Because of the perfect imitation of a real roach or rudd that has lost the lust for life the colour-patterns “roach” and “rudd” are a good choice.


  Time Bomb. 90 gram, 17 ½ cm. The Time Bomb is a special surface jerkbait, which is developed by Loz in cooperation with the well-known English pike-angler Gord Burton. It is a heavy jerkbait that floats with its tail practically pointing straight down in the surface.

By fishing thee Time Bomb with sharp twitches it will move zigzagging over the water. Thereby quite some disturbance is made by the special shaped nose, which tempts pike in clear deep waters sometimes to launch themselves like a Polaris missile form the depth towards the Time Bomb.


The takes are explosive and fishing the Time Bomb is not recommended for people with a weak heart!







          Time Bomb, black with golden perch stripes/ redhead

  It is not a jerkbait of which to have 10 different patterns in the tackle box. It is however handy to have a least one ready for those hot summer days when nothing seems to succeed in bringing pike up from the depths to the surface for an attack.  The Time Bomb is a jerkbait which needs to bring in some “hard work” to let it slide correctly through the surface, but if you like some excitement let this jerkbait do his work: it is only a matter of time before the water will explode into a spectacular take! Considering that the name Time Bomb is very apt!



Teaser. 16 cm. 50 gram. This magnificent piece of craftsmanship is a deep floating jerkbait with a slim profile that requires a special manner of retrieve: a slow pull and then accelerating. It is not easy, it took me more than 15 minutes to determine the right way of retrieving, although I have quite some experience with jerkbaits.









                          Teaser, silver perch

  If you do the retrieve in the right manner the Teaser dives under the surface, rolls around its length-axes during the acceleration and hangs during the pause at the same depth whereby the jerkbait still wiggles a little after the pull: a really unbelievable deadly action!!!



When I tried out my first Teaser on a Day in January conditions were not exactly ideal: a drop of temperature after a period with relative warm weather and a depression with lowering pressures moving in. In these conditions I caught 3 pike in 20 minutes in a local pond where I had until then never caught more than one pike! Two pike grabbed the jerkbait during the pause; the third took the jerkbait direct after hitting the water (!) even before I had moved the Teaser. The Teaser is the ideal jerkbait for a slow presentation whereby the suggestion is given that a baitfish is swimming on his last fins. The pike will do what this species does for million of years: grab that meal!