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Predator lures 4


Titchy Jack. 35 gram, 11 ½ cm. The Titchy Jack is a perfect diving jerkbait for those who want to fish small waters with light jerkbaits. The Titchy Jack floats deep in the water with the head pointing slightly downwards, and will move forwards and downward with a sweep from the rod to rise slowly during the pause.






Titchy Jack, Brown Golden Perch

The Titchy Jack can also be fished with rhythm of short twitches and pauses, or of course a combination of this (always stay creative when jerkbait Fishing!). This is an ideal lure to be used in polder drains and small urban waters.





Titchy Jack, Silver Perch


But also on calm windless mornings/ evening on shallow flats on bigger water, were bigger lures maybe will spook the fish by the plunge you can use the Titchy Jim with effort. Apart form the catching-abilities it is a magnificent little jerkbait to look at.

Top Prop. 16 ½ cm (inclusive propellers), 50 gram. The Top Prop is a topwater-model that Loz made already years ago for a small group of enthusiasts who loved to enjoy the spectacular takes on surface-lures. I belong to that group myself too, but "on top of that" there are certain spots that are so heavily grown with weed that fishing with topwater lures is the only option. The Top Prop is perfect for fishing such places, were other lures only will function as a weed-rack.


For and aft are small propellers attached that will produce the required extra commotion to provoke an attack from pike (and perch).






Top Prop, Redhead Perch

It has appeared to me that the relative gentle sputtering of the two propellers (to my amazement) also is being detected if wind force 4 Beaufort blows waves on the water. You can simply wind the Top Prop in, but to my view you trigger the predators more when you fish the Top Prop with rhythmic twitches with now and then an extra pause to put pike on alert completely. Give the Top Prop a try, if you have a strong heart that is, because the takes are quite spectacular.


Big Jim. 13 cm long (5 cm high), 65 gram. The Big Jim is a sinking jerkbait that rolls around its axes when retrieved with twitches. As the name already suggests it is in fact a bigger version of the Titchy Jim and in size it is situated between the Titchy Jim and the Bull. But the Big Jim dives deeper were the Bull stays quite close to the surface.








Slider. 16 cm, 50 gram. The Slider is a glider that glides straight on and has hardly a deviation to the sides. Thus in contrast to the magnificent zigzag action of the Darter the Sliders goes right ahead with only a very small side wards movement. During the pause the Slider descends slowly. That action is chosen on purpose because such an inconspicuous movement through the water with a repeated moment of rest whereby the jerkbait comes to a halt in the water is sometimes irresistible for pike.







Carved Slider in custom colours

By a lot of experimenting and good observing Loz and I have found out that jerkbaits which have hardly any action, but have a splendid hang-moment, is very triggering for predatory fish.

I used to think very different about this and I always wanted to feel a strong wobble of the plug in my rod.

But in the end the pike is right of course. And how much "action" has a natural prey-fish that swims on his last fins? Exactly, now and then a faint movement and the fish hangs motionless and without spirit waiting for the merciful attack of a pike. With the Slider this situation is mimicked. Because of the straight course the Slider can be steered very well through narrow channels in weed beds, along branches and other obstacles and by giving the right direction with the rod tip.

The Slider is like the Teaser not a jerkbait for beginners, but for anglers with both experience as insight in the way lures work will appreciate the Slider very much.