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Stock Updates





Stock updates will be posted here.


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30/12/17: Stock added and online shop goes live.

06/01/18: Most models Silver Perch and Large Darter Jailbird added, new Yellow on Red perch with gold scales plus stock  replenishment.

20/01/18: New colour - banded and tiger blue roach added to stock.

27/01/18: Stock replenished and Fluo Orange Head Flesh pattern added (most models).

28/01/18: Articles added to website. Big Jims and various stock added to online shop.

15/03/18: Store restocked and new images added

01/04/18: The Teardrop will be back in production (as soon as my wood arrives) and work on the Hogs is coming along with the first weighting and testing due this week. Also coming back soon is the XL Darter and the Jackal.

22/04/18: Stock updated and a few new colour patterns added for some models.

12/05/18. Stock updated with a few new colours and first XL Darters added

10/06/18. Bulls, six and seven inch Hogs and Hog Seekers well on in production.