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Time Bomb


Designed by Loz Harrop and The Piking Pirate, Gord Burton. 

By combining our ideas Gord and I have come up with what we believe to be one of the most versatile top water lures around. The beauty of this one is that it sits really low in the water. The action when it is retrieved with a jerk, crank, jerk ,crank, is fantastic. If the lure is jerked hard it will skim along the surface a couple of feet or more. And when the lure is first cast in and given a couple of rapid twitches, the Time bomb will work back just under the surface with a walk the dog action. This is one of the only surface lures I have consistently hooked and caught Pike on. One of Gord's adventures to Canada  resulted in a Musky exploding on the lure the very first cast. The same happened to me earlier in the year, and I was just not expecting the fish that hit the lure. I had put the lure on to show a friend the action, i then paused and let the lure sit there while we chatted for a few seconds. I was about to show him how the lure skims across the top and tightened up the line, the lure had only moved a foot when a big double rolled right over it. I admit to being too shocked to even strike. Loz Harrop



I can remember using the Time Bomb on a local river, after chucking it as far as I could across a wide, circling pool I worked it for a while when my fishing partner came and asked how I was doing. Whilst we chatted I just let the Time Bomb float. I honestly can remember how long we chatted but can remember my rod almost being ripped from my hand when a pike took the lure. It certainly lived upto its' name that day. One distinctive feature of the Time Bomb is that its tail sits underwater and a light breeze, water current or a light tap on the rod will cause the lure ro rock in the water. I am convinced that the swinging tail end of the lure is irresistable to pike. Video here.


With the Time Bomb if you start the retrieve with a slack line it will walk the dog just below the surface. Starting the retrive with all the slack out of the line it will stay on the surface. Ripping it back as fast as you can and it will skim along the surface. Plenty of long (and I mean long) pauses can get great takes.Carl



Click here to see the Time Bomb in the water.

This is what someone had to say about the Time Bomb........Took the time bomb out for a proper swim in my local river. The top water gliding action is absolutely unreal mate!!! Had a blow up pretty much straight away but missed it. Really impressed with the action and boy does it cast like a rocket or what!!